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School Activities

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The School activities begin with an assembly at 8.00 AM and wraps up with National Anthem at 4.00 PM. Assembly activities are designed such so that students of every class and section get an opportunity to participate and improve their organising skills. Every day games is the special feature of the school. Other regular activities are arts & craft, music & dance, library, OCT (Our Culture and Tradition) and computer classes. All the students are classified into four groups named after four Vedas. Inter-house competitions, Subject enrichment activities are conducted regularly. National festivals and events are celebrated to develop patriotic feelings and Religious festivals are observed to inculcate secular feelings among the children.

The School’s Mission statement for the current year is to strengthen the basic mathematical concepts and operational speed along with communication skills among the students from First grade onwards, using smart Board. The school has prepared several worksheets related to the four operations of Arithmetic, individually as well as with different combinations and difficulty levels to identify the learning gaps among the students of all the classes. Initially students’ level of knowledge was identified and later the skill was observed by giving them different worksheets which are time bound and some of them with unlimited time. This helped the Teachers to assess and estimate the speed and perfection of the skill. This program was conducted under the supervision of the Teachers with 1:10 teacher student ratio which helped the students to realise their mistakes and rectify them.

The School has conducted art and science fair along with Business fair on 26th January 2017. This activity helped the students to reveal their innate talents, like communication, business skill, innovation etc.  The best team of young entrepreneurs was felicitated. Criteria like Customer satisfaction and ethics, cash less operation, maintenance of the bill books were given the utmost importance for the selection.
Saranya Concept School is a CBSE nodal centre for the analysis of EOA.


Assembly Activities
            Class wise assembly activities will be conducted for students from Monday to Saturday
From: 08:00 a.m. to 08:10 a.m.
Monday to Thursday                    –      Assembly in English
Friday                                           –      Assembly in Telugu
Saturday                                      –      Assembly in Hindi
The activities include
(a)   Prayer                           
(b)   National Song                
(c)   Pledge                           
(d)   Birthday Song
(e)   Monday            :  Thought for the week
(f)   Tuesday           :  Quiz in G.K/ any Subject
(g)   Wednesday      :  Speech / Debate / Importance of the day
(h)   Thursday          :  News Weekly round up
(i)    Friday               :  School Pledge
(j) Saturday     :           Amazing facts / Patriotic song

Exam Schedule

Evaluation – I                                   05-08-2017 to 11-08-2017
Evaluation – II                                  20-11-2017 to 25-11-2017
Evaluation – III                                 12-03-2018 to 17-03-2018

Pre-Mid                                            28-06-2017 to 05-07-2017
Mid – Term                                       18-09-2017 to 22-09-2017
Post – Mid                                        21-12-2017 to 27-12-2017
Finals                                                12-03-2018 to 17-03-2018



KG – II Classes

Rymes                                                     10-12th July Prelims 14-07-2017 Finals
Fancy Dress                                             14-08-2017
Clay Moulding                                         21-08-2017
Sloka Recitation                                      08-09-2017
Story Telling                                            17-10-2017
Loud Reading                                          06-11-2017
Drawing/Colouring                                 05-12-2017
Spell Bee (only for I & II)                        06-01-2018

Juniors – VI & VII classes
Story writing                                             06-07-2017
English elocution                                      09-08-2017
Poster making                                           04-09-2017
Debate (Tel)                                              12-10-2017
Best out of waste                                     17-10-2017
Patriotic song                                            10-11-2017
Math Quiz                                                 18-12-2017
Science activity                                         04-01-2018
Seniors – VIII – X (classes)
Creative writing (Eng)                              06-07-2017
Patriotic dance                                          11-08-2017
Short skit competition (Soc)                     05-09-2017
Best out of waste                                     17-10-2017
Science activity                                         28-10-2017
Group Discussion / Mock Parliament       24-11-2017
Master Chef Competition                         05-12-2017
Math relay              11-12-2017

Sub – Juniors III-V Classes
Telugu Poem Recitation                         14-07-2017
Drawing / Painting                                 11-08-2017
English Elocution                                    16-09-2017
Artificial flower bouquet preparation    16-10-2017
Picture Composition                               24-10-2017
Fancy Dress                                             14-11-2017
Talent Show                                            08-12-2017
Spell Bee                                                 05-01-2018



Primary Parent – Teacher meeting schedule
PTM-01 PTM-02
Play Class & Class I                   16-08-2017 (Wednesday      01-01-2018 (Monday)
LKG & Class II                            17-08-2017 (Thursday)         02-01-2018 (Tuesday)
UKG & Class III                          18-08-2017 (Friday)              03-01-2018 (Wednesday)
Class IV                                     19-08-2017 (Saturday)        04-01-2018 (Thursday)
Class V                                      21-08-2017 (Monday)           05-01-2018 (Friday)
High School Parent – Teacher Meeting Schedule
PTM-01 PTM-02
Class VI                                     05-08-2017 (Saturday)           06-01-2018 (Saturday)
Class VII                                    07-08-2017 (Monday)            08-01-2018 (Monday)
Class VIII                                   08-08-2017 (Tuesday)             09-01-2018 (Tuesday)
Class IX                                      09-08-2017 (Wednesday)      10-01-2018 (Wednesday)
Class X                                       10-08-2017 (Thursday)            11-01-2018 (Thursday)

Note : The Parent -Teacher Meeting is between 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. according to the given schedule.All the dates are tentative and are subjected to change according to the prevailing conditions.Prior intimation will be given in case of any change.
Regular visiting Hours : Monday – Saturday 11.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. with Prior appointment
Second Saturday is a holiday